May 17, 2008 thru January 4th, 2009 – at the American Museum of Natural History.

by Chris Hale

   The American Museum of Natural History presents the exhibit, The Horse, which highlights “How nature’s most majestic creature has shaped our world”. The exhibit is a fascinating look at the evolution of horses and how they contributed to human history. Did you know that horses existed for over 50 million years, or that humans created over 200 new breeds? The exhibit has many wonderful displays showing the influence of this beautiful animal in our history. This exhibit has everything from horse toys from around the world to sculptures with poignant stories, to paintings. Many items on display are from the museums “extraordinary collection” and are amazing. There is six different display areas with individual themes for visitors to enjoy and become enchanted with. The Horse exhibit is scheduled for an international tour, after its run at the American Museum of Natural History. Admission to this exhibit will be ticketed timed entry only and costs $22.00 for adults, $16.50 senior/student, and $13.00 children.
   The American Museum of Natural History is located at Central Park West at 79th street. Their phone number is (212) 769-5100.