by Lucy Foster
15 Mar 2008

   If you feel in a Halloween mood, you might want to check out the Jekyll and Hyde restaurant of Greenwich Village located at 91 7th Avenue, South (between W. 4th st. and Barrow st.) This three story restaurant warns its guests of a spooky event that should occur every ten minutes while they enjoy there usual dining experience. Founded in 1931, Jekyll and Hyde Restaurant & Bar, is filled with all sorts of souvenirs, collectibles, creatures and memorabilia that come to life at unexpected times. Guests can witness several popular characters at this unusual restaurant such as Dreadmina the Vampire, Claw the Gargoyle, or Tobias the Werewolf. They even have a genuine Egyptian mummy on board! Monsters and creatures await your visit!
   The menu at this creepy restaurant consists of 62 dishes that you can create such as Create-Your-Own-Monster burgers, or Frankenstein’s Favorite, which has cheese, mushrooms, onions, and bacon. I had Frankenstein’s Favorite which was quite good. The menu also has a variety of pizza choices with a bunch of different toppings. They also have a large selection of beers to choose from, from 52 different varieties of American beers to a long list of international beers. I chose Thomas Hardy’s Ale, which is from Britain and was very refreshing. Jekyll and Hyde’s has an outdoor sidewalk cafe where you can enjoy your meal during nice weather. 
   There’s an uptown location of this restaurant as well but you if don’t want to wait on long lines to get in, this Greenwich Village location is just as good. The entertainment of the restaurant is fun and gets you some laughs during your meal. When I went there was a family nearby with kids and they were having laugh after laugh at the actors that were entertaining. Overall, an entertaining restaurant to visit. Beer lovers will love the selection here! Call for reservations (212) 989-7701.