by Chris Hale
12 Nov 2006

   The annual Holiday Fair known as the Fêtes de Noël is held at Bryant Park, behind the New York City Public library, and runs from November 18th thru December 31st. All sorts of goodies and gifts are to be found at the various holiday shops that are set up throughout the park. This outdoor market place is the perfect way to get all your holiday shopping completed with unique gifts and it doesn’t get as crowded as the malls do. There’s over 100 shops lined up in a European-style for you to browse through for that special gift. The pond in Bryant Park is the centerpiece attraction for all you holiday skaters to enjoy while shoppers visit the booths set up around the pond to find the hidden treasures in this winter wonderland setting. Admission is free including your skating experience on the pond. Bryant Park is located at 42nd Street and Sixth Ave. Call for more information: 866-221-5157