By Chris Hale

  christmas american history museum
  Located in the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall, the Origami tree has been an annual tradition at the American Museum of Natural History for over 30 years. Every year a different theme is chosen and volunteers begin “folding” this Christmas tradition as early as July. The 2007 theme was “Mythic Creatures” where unicorns and dragons are among the creatures tucked into the branches. The tree is filled with hundreds of magical creations and is on display from November 19 thru January 1st. 
  The American Museum of Natural History is located at 79th street and Central Park West. When entering through the main entrance, two lit holiday decorated Barosaurs are on display as well.
  When purchasing your admission tickets, the museum provides a free map for you to navigate successfully through the four levels.
  Directions to the museum by subway: take the B train on weekdays or the C train to 81st Street. If you chose to drive in, the Museum provides a 3-story underground parking garage that you enter from West 81st Street.


Photo: (c) Caroline P. Digonis 2008