The 21 Club
21 West 52nd Street, New York, New York

Tel: (212) 582-1400
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This landmark restaurant has been the toast of New York for over 75 years. It’s cuisine and wine are superb and upon entering the ‘21’ is like your entering an elegant home where you receive a personal greeting.
With the beginning of the Prohibition Era over three quarters of a century ago, ‘speakeasies’ mushroomed all over America. In New York the most celebrated speakeasy was that of Jack and Charlie’s ‘21,’ founded by Jack Kriendler and Charlie Berns.

The ‘21’ was raided by Federal Agents on numerous occasions but they never were able to pin anything on Jack & Charlie. They had a system of pulleys and levers, which would sweep bottles from the bar shelves and hurl the smashed remains down a chute into the N.Y. sewer system at first sign of a raid.

It was during this period that the ‘secret’ Wine Cellar was built. Its two-ton door was operated by placing a meat skewer into a small hole in a specific brick. Investigators were further confused by the fact that the cellar was located not in #21, but number 19, the house next door.

The famous wine cellar still exists today and has one of the finest liquor collections in the world. The Wine Cellar has recently been remodeled with a section of the Wine Cellar turned into an elegant private dining room that seats 20 patrons. Amidst the wine racks, diners can enjoy a seven-course mail with specially selected wines.

Jockeys of 21

Lining the grand staircase and ornate wrought iron balcony of ‘21’ stand 32 jockeys. According to the management of 21 sometime back in the 1930s the 21 club was home to the affluent ‘horsey’ set. To impact their personal stamp on the speakeasy-turned restaurant, many breeders began donating jockeys as symbols of their private horse farms.

When you enter this elegant home, the first floor contains the Main Dining room which caters to private gatherings plus the Puncheon Room and The Upstairs at ‘21’.

The second floor of The 21 Club has two distinctive rooms, the Harbour Room and the Winchester Room.

The third floor offers private event spaces – the comfortable Jack Room, perfect for up to 80 guests and three smaller rooms – Club Room, Pete’s Room and the Remington Room (enjoyed for its Western scenes and beautiful collect of Frederic Remington gouache paintings. The Club Room is perfect for small dinners of up to 36. Pete’s Room is ideal for receptions of up to 40 guests. This room is filled with cartoons and unusual memorabilia.