9 Mar 2011


    Harry Potter will be coming to Times Square for a magical exhibit of hundreds of movie props and costumes from the blockbuster movie series. Some of the iconic items from the beloved series on display includes Harry’s original wand and eyeglasses, the Marauder’s Map, Gryffindor school uniforms as well as costumes worn at the Yule Ball. Enter the Quidditch area and toss a Quaffle, pull your own Mandrake in the Herbology vignette, encounter Buckbeakthe Hippogriff and even a giant Acromantula spider.

    The exhibit is set to open April 5th, through September 5th, 2011 at Discovery Times Square located on 226 West 44th Street. Ticket prices are $25.00 for adults, $22.50 for seniors and $19.50 for kids. Visit for more information.