15 Feb 2011


It’s your chance to “Meet the Oscars” for a limited time exhibit from February 23rd through Sunday, February 27th at Vanderbilt Hall, in Grand Central Terminal, in New York City. Oscar fans will get the chance to view the actual Oscar statuettes that will be presented to the Best Actor and Best Actress winners at the 83rd Academy Awards on Sunday, February 27th. In addition, all visitors are invited to hold and get their photo taken with an actual Oscar statuette. On display will also include other Oscars statuettes the Academy awarded as well as a series of Oscars in the various stages of completion. 

The “Meet The Oscars” exhibit will kick-off with a special ceremony hosted by Whoopi Goldberg on Wednesday, February 23rd.

The admission is free and open 1–7 p.m. on February 23, and 7–7 p.m. through Sunday, February 27.