by Chris Hale
8 December 2008

slava's snow show metroway

   The family-friendly and brilliantly clever Slava’s Snow Show returns to Broadway for a limited engagement at the intimate Helen Hayes Theatre located at 240 West 44th Street. The show runs 90 minutes with one intermission, with show dates opening December 7th, 2008 thru January 4th, 2009.
slava's snow show metroway   The multiple award-winning Slava’s Snow Show is filled with breathtaking visual effects to delight the senses of every generation. This must-see holiday show is the stunningly beautiful creation from Russia’s most famous clown, Slava Polunin. It’s the story of the outcast dreamlike world of clowns that takes the audience through a journey of emotions from loneliness to silliness, until the amazing finale of a blindingly beautiful climatic snowstorm. 
   One of the many intriguing scenes during the show came when Slava creates his coatrack partner. Slava, dressed in a bright canary-yellow outfit, “brings to life” a trench-coat and hat for a parting scene between companions with Slava needing to catch a train. This poignant scene representing the passing of childhood into the train-whistling and snow-blowing adult world.
   slava snow show metroway
   Slava’s Snow Show is a whirlwind of art vignettes with various levels of dreamlike sequences from a woman who swings across the stage in blue-lit fantasy to the darker toned clowns in a snow storm carrying dimly lit lanterns. A psychological masterpiece of how clowns view the world, childhood and sometimes cruel nature of life.
   There’s also plenty of lighthearted silliness that children in the audience enjoyed. One scene has Slava answering two different oversized cartoon-like phones. While Slava answers one phone in a hostile, low voice, he answers the other in a lighter, softer voice. 
   The show has many audience interactive moments so a rear orchestra seat might be in order if you do not want to participate. However, one scene Slava has his green costumed clown friends drag a giant cobweb over the entire orchestra after he gets caught in the web. Intermission will also summon the clowns into the audience to shake things up in cartoon-like fashion with even an audience member (?) being hauled onto the stage and chased. After the clowns took their encores, to a standing ovation, giant bright-colored beach balls were hurled into the audience for showgoers to hit around. While the adults can enjoy the interpretations of the artistic fantasy creations of Slava’s Snow Show, children will enjoy the simpler elements of cobwebs, tricks, games, bubbles, giant balloons and plenty of “snow”.
   Visit Slava’s Snow Show online to purchase tickets and more information. 

All Photos: (c) Veronique Val 2008