by Chris Hale                             address:  59 East 59th Street
16 July 2008                                             New York, NY 10022 
                                                               Phone: (212) 753-5959

   The 59E59 Theaters is a complex of three unique theaters, launched in 2004, that are owned and operated by the non-profit Elysabeth Kleinhans Theatrical Foundation. The complex has three theaters, Theater A seats 199, Theater B seats 98, and Theater C seats 50–70. Theater A is the current home of productions from the non-profit Primary Stages Theatrical Company. The 59E59 Theaters presents productions from off Broadway and off-off Broadway from non-profit organizations. The policy of the state-of-the-art theater complex is to bring “new, challenging, and experimental work to a new neighborhood”. The 59E59 Theaters also presents two annual events; Brits Off Broadway, a festival of new British theater productions and East to Edinburgh, which previews shows going to the Edinburge Festival Fringe.
   The 59E59 Theaters is located between Park and Madison Avenues.