By Lucy Foster
9 July 2008

Location:  1000 Third Avenue
                New York, NY 10022
                Phone: 212-705-2000


   Around since 1886, Bloomingdales is considered one of the finest department stores in the world and lives up to their slogan “like no other store in the world”. The flagship art-deco store on Third Avenue, sometimes referred to as Bloomies, opened in 1929, to serve sophisticated customers. The upscale department store, known for their trademark Big Brown Bag, sells several designer lines as well as mid-priced merchandise. Everything from cosmetics, accessories, designer apparel, baby clothing, books & toys, dvds & music, shoes, home furnishings, plus-size clothes, jewelry, and just about anything you could imagine can be found in this very large 9 floor landmark store. The store is beautifully designed and a popular tourist attraction and has a foreign currency exchange department. At this store, you can take the 4, 5, 6 subway train and enter underground directly into the store. The staff is very friendly and polite. 
   Bloomingdales has four wonderful places to dine as well like on the 7th floor you can dine or take-out from 40 Carrots or visit the B Cafe on the 6th floor. When dining at 40 Carrots, try the famous frozen yogurt which is the restaurants #1 selling item and is very refreshing. The frozen yogurt comes in several flavors but I prefer the coffee but the original/plain is considered the most popular. 
   Bloomingdales is located on an entire city block between 59th and 60th Streets. Their Store hours are Mon-Fri, from 10am-8:30pm; Sat, 10am-7pm; and Sun, 11am-7pm.