by Lucy Foster
7 July 2008

location: Caswell-Massey of Lexington
              518 Lexington Avenue
              New York, NY  10017
              Phone: 212-755-2254
              Toll free: 1–800–326–0500

   Caswell-Massey of Lexington is the flagship store of this very old apothecary company that was founded, in 1752, by Dr. William Hunter. The old-fashioned store sells a wide variety of toiletries with fine garden fragrances such as Honeysuckle, Gardenia, English Lavender, Almond & Aloe, Lilac, and Lily of the Valley as well as a nice assortment of fine fragrances for men. Some of the products have a long historical background, such as the Aloe cold cream soap which was used in the White House since 1952, a favorite soap of President Dwight D. Eisenhower while President George Washington’s favored classic Number Six Cologne and President John F. Kennedy enjoyed Jockey Club cologne. The store even has a celebrity following from Julia Roberts to Elton John to the late Greta Garbo, who visited the shop regularly later in her life. There’s so many wonderful fragrances to choose from including gift baskets and a nice selection of brushes, combs, creams, lotions, hair products, baby care items, candles, mini samplers, and great little accessories. The staff at this store is very polite and helpful. All the products carried at the store are not tested on animals making your purchases a perfect choice.
   Caswell Masseys also has a nice website if you know what items you prefer and a monthly newsletter of product information. There’s even a 10% off coupon you can print and use on any order over $50.00 at any Caswell Massey store.    
   Caswell-Massey of Lexington is open seven days a week. The store hours are Mon thru Fri from 8am to 7pm, Sat from 10am to 6pm, and Sun from 9am to 5pm.