by Chris Hale
14 July 2008

location:   Madison Square Garden
               4 Penn Plaza
               New York, NY 10001
               Phone: (212) 465-6073

               Event information: (212) 465–6741  

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    Madison Square Garden for one week only from July 30th thru August 3rd, 2008 has the brilliant show “Walking with Dinosaurs–The Live Experience”. The two hour show features 15 life-sized dinosaurs that famous designers and scientists have created to “bring to life” the existence of the dinosaurs’ 200 million year adventures on earth. The event is based on the award-winning BBC television series, Walking with Dinosaurs, and has taken years to create. This theatrical event has cost $20 million dollars to create and will thrill and amaze both young and old. Tickets are still available at prices from $35.00 to $99.00. Merchandise and memorabilia can also be purchased online by visiting  
   The above image shows: Trexy and baby T:  A Mother Tyrannosaurus protects her young while “Huxley,” our paleontologist/narrator, looks on in a scene from WALKING WITH DINOSAURS – The Live Experience.

 Photo: (c) Joan Marcus 2008