by Lucy Foster
12 July 2008

location: Mr. Pink
             223 West 16th Street
             New York, NY 10011
             Phone: (646)-486–4147 

   Looking for unusual items from the 1950’s? Mr. Pink is a unique vintage store filled with plenty of retro and new home accessories to decorate with. The store is filled with plenty of vintage choices from glassware, holiday items, pillows, novelties and houseware items. The holiday items are really fantastic and would make excellent gifts. Everytime I drop in, there’s a sale taking place. There’s alot of vintage glassware to choose from and everything is in mint condition. If you drop by after Christmas there’s a 50% off sale on the vintage holiday items. The staff at the store is very friendly and polite. Mr. Pink is located between 7th and 8th Avenues and accepts all the major credit cards. Store hours are Mon thru Sat, noon-8pm and Sun, noon-6pm.