by Lucy Foster
5 Sept 2007

Location: 187 Columbia St., at the corner of Columbia and Degraw Street in Brooklyn, NY 11231

   Alma’s is a three-story restaurant, situated on the waterfront, that serves fancy Mexican food and includes a bar, indoor dining, and a rooftop patio with beautiful views of the Manhattan skyline. The rooftop patio is open year round and does not require reservations for the breezy terrace atmosphere. The terrace is even heated in the winter months for your dining pleasure. Alma is considered to have one of the best views of Manhattan in rooftop dining. 
    The menu ranges from Mexican standards to more sophisticated dishes. I have tried several dishes and found all of them a tasty surprise. In particular, I’ve enjoyed the shrimp that is small but tasty and is served with a flavorful dressing that includes sprinkles of jalapeƱo, lime and cilantro. The grilled shrimp dish is also a very satisfying choice. If you really want to get full try the huitlacoche lasagne, made with layers of lasagne filled with cheddar cheese and huitlacoche for $16.00. There’s plenty of side dishes for your dining experience for about $5.00 each that are also made with spicy details. The desserts are equally satisfying as well and some are prepared at local bakery shops in the area. I’ve enjoyed the key lime pie a few times now and it goes well following a seafood dish. The coconut cheesecake is made at Helen’s Fabulous Cheesecake Bakery that is located nearby Alma’s restaurant. I’m going to purchase two or three of these coconut cheesecakes around Thanksgiving for family and friends to enjoy. It’s really worth the trip since Helen’s Fabulous Cheesecake Bakery is located on 126 Union Street, just around the corner from Alma’s. The service at Alma’s restaurant is very friendly and inviting. My whole meal was under $25.00 and I took my time enjoying the views of Manhattan.
   Their website has directions to the restaurant. I would recommend the Southbound B61 bus since it stops right on the block.