By Lucy Foster

   The Museum of The City of New York has a permanent exhibit, Perform, that explores the link between the City and the theater through displays of costumes, props, photographs and various collections the museum has obtained. 
   Upon entering the Museum of The City of New York, you realized the smallness of this museum compared to the other grand establishments of art. However, within its contained space one can still be fascinated with the impressive collection of theatrical costumes and set props the museum owns and are part of the Perform exhibit. It’s interesting to see the detailed costumes up close such as Mrs. Potts’s Beauty and the Beast outfit from the Broadway show. There is also a very interesting photography collection documenting various theater happenings. Posters, caricatures, lobby cards, and drawings are also on display. Different trends can be observed in how the theater advertised throughout the decades. Theater lovers will appreciate the more than 5,000 theater costumes and props the museum owns. The Perform exhibit “documents theatrical activity in the city from the late 18th century to the present day” according to the Museum of The City of New York.   
   The Museum of The City of New York is located on 1220 Fifth Avenue at 103rd street. This stretch on Fifth Avenue has also been referred to as the “Museum Mile”. The museum is closed on Mondays.