by Lucy Foster
4 June 2008

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   Last chance to catch the hilarious comedian Nathan Lane work his comedic genius in the Broadway show November, written by David Mamet. Nathan Lane is scheduled to depart from the Broadway show as of July 13th, 2008. While the show will continue on Broadway, it’s no doubt it will lose its funniest star that compliments all the roles he undertakes with his fantastic delivery and very likable presence.
   In the Broadway show November, Nathan Lane portrays the character of Charles H.P. Smith, who is an unpopular president up for re-election. Nathan Lane as Charles H.P Smith schemes his way to try to raise funds for his Presidential library. This political comedy seemed like it was written for Nathan Lane and showcases his talents wonderfully throughout the two-act show. The show was very funny and Nathan Lane had the audience laughing every other minute. He will be a hard one to replace. 
   This show is not for children and contains liberal use of profanity. I frankly wouldn’t have seen the show if Nathan Lane wasn’t in it. I’ve seen Nathan Lane in several Broadway shows and have enjoyed his comedic spin in all of them.   
   November is playing at the Ethel Barrymore Theater located on 243 West 47th Street. Their number is (212) 239-6200. The show runs 1 hour 35 minutes.

Photo: (c) Caroline P. Digonis 2008